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Sir Franklyn Partners with Tiger Woods' Design Team

Sir Franklyn Partners with Tiger Woods' Design Team

3/15/2017 4:55:54 PM






Jack’s Bay - A New Private Community & Club - Developed By

Beacon Land Development


TGR Design to Create 10-Hole Short Course with

Plans for 18-Hole Golf Course 



(Rock Sound, Bahamas) -- Jack’s Bay Developers, Beacon Land Development, and TGR Design announced today the development of Jack’s Bay -- a premier destination for paradise property and a private club in the Bahamas. Jack’s Bay is located in Rock Sound on the island of Eleuthera, which means “freedom” in Greek, and lies just 279 miles SE of the Florida coast. The development will be home to the region’s first Tiger Woods-designed golf course, and will afford residents and members the boundless freedom, luxury, and adventure of paradise, as well as the legendary hospitality of the Bahamas. 


“I am honored to be part of this spectacular project in paradise,” said Woods. “The amazing convergence of land and sea calls for an equally unique and incredible golf experience that TGR Design can deliver. The golf course complements this luxury resort destination because it’s designed for golfers to have fun, while still being challenged. The biggest challenge might be to remain undistracted by the phenomenal views!”


Jack’s Bay promises luxury lifestyle opportunities that are unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean, with development currently underway on The Pink House, Pink Sand Bar, The Playgrounds - the aforementioned 10-hole short course designed by Tiger Woods’ TGR Design - and more amenities planned for 2018. These amenities will ultimately encompass a myriad of residential resort features comprising oceanfront suites, cottages, and villas, all with the impeccable Bahamian style and Eleutheran elegance that is the resort’s hallmark. 


Jack’s Bay Developers, chaired by Sir Franklyn Wilson, KCMG, is owned by some of the most well-known entities in the Bahamas and an impressive array of US investors. Sir Franklyn said, “Bringing Beacon and Tiger to this residential resort opportunity in the Bahamas is nothing short of remarkable. Uniting the rich Bahamian cultural heritage and Eleuthera’s unmatched beauty, with the luxury assured by Beacon and Tiger, makes this exceptionally unique.”




This extraordinary development embodies Beacon Land Development’s founding principle, to encourage people to pause, relax, and create the memories of a lifetime. Jack’s Bay provides an idyllic setting in which to do just that.  Michael Abbott, President of Beacon Land Development, was drawn to the project by the distinctive features and exceptional beauty of the island.


“We have a responsibility...to the land and to the Bahamian community at large,” said Abbott. “Jack’s Bay is special because of the people. Now we have the opportunity to share our collective vision with the people of Eleuthera as well as the rest of the world. We are grateful to Sir Franklyn Wilson for his partnership, and we are extremely motivated to curate another golf course experience with Tiger and his team. We are all committed to delivering unique spaces in special places.”


Uniting pink powdery sand beaches, crystalline waters, and the pristine beauty of Eleuthera with unparalleled personalized hospitality, Jack’s Bay promises limitless opportunities for fun, rest, relaxation, rejuvenation…and adventure…in paradise!  



Jack’s Bay Developers will bring friends and families together in a paradise island club and a private community at Jack’s Bay.  Jack’s Bay Developers are committed to honoring the rich Bahamian history of the land by developing a property that will last generations. (www.jacksbayclub.com)



Beacon Land Development presents over 50 years of experience at some of the world’s finest private clubs, real estate developments, and resorts. Most recently, Beacon teamed with TGR Design at Bluejack National, an award-winning resort-style club and community featuring the only Tiger Woods-designed golf course in the United States.  Led by Michael Abbott and Casey Paulson, Beacon understands that time is life’s most treasured commodity and they are committed to developing places where memories are made and life happens. (www.beaconld.com)



TGR Design is a service-driven golf course design firm led by Tiger Woods. With multiple courses in various stages of design, TGR Design collaborates with owners of special properties who value anchoring their projects with a distinctive and memorable golf experience. Using Tiger’s unique creative vision and strategic insight into the game of golf, TGR Design delivers unforgettable golf courses that players of all abilities want to enjoy. (www.tgr.design)





Josh Governale


The Governale Group


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