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55" HDTV Promotion Winner

9/13/2011 3:10:56 PM
Arawak Homes is pleased to announce out of 5020 persons who answered the call and liked us on facebook, there was only one winner of the 55" HDTV.  There were 10 finalists who were chosen and one walked away with the grand prize on Saturday, September 10th, 2011.  Cakes By Design Bahamas, Proprietor Wendy Lightbourne reigns victorious! 

Cakes By Design Bahamas, Wendy Lightbourne expressed her satisfaction on winning by saying:


"I'm pleased to be the winner of the Arawak Homes' Promotion.  I have always admired the work done by Arawak Homes.  I was lucky to be selected among the top ten and later chosen as the winner to my surprise.  I would like to thank Arawak Homes for this HDTV."

 Group Photo HDTV


Group  Photo: from left to right:  Chakita Archer, Marketing Coordinator, Nadia Louissaint, Legal Assistant, Kyron Strachan, Executive Vice President/ Corporate Secretary, Norman Lightbourne, Cakes By Design Bahamas, Franon Wilson, President Arawak Homes, Tavares Laroda, Asst. Legal Counsel, Dena Ingraham, Vice President of Sales, Keith Bell, Legal Counsel.

Thank you Mrs. Wendy Lightbourne, Cakes By Design Bahamas.

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