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What's New

Build on Your Lot Fair - A Success

3/16/2015 11:37:59 AM

The Build on Your Lot Fair captured that attention of many lot owners who were skeptical of building on their lot, NOW.  We heard from several customers who came through the doors on Saturday, March 15th that they were very afraid as they weren't certain that they were able to make scheduled payments on a mortgage.  That anxiety soon vanished once they sat with our qualified Home Consultants who provided a plan to make their payments comfortable, compromising small features. 

Customers brought in plans to be priced and ideas to create plans that would suit their lifestyle.  We are very excited about leading the way in providing opportunities that guide persons in making the decision in becoming owners of townhouses, apartments, or homes.

It remains a fact that Arawak Homes can build Any Size House with Any FeatureAnyWhere in New Providence or Paradise Island and we Guarantee our service with Excellence.

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