MatriMoney Bridal Registry


Register TODAY.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Meet with one of our Home Consultants
  2. Choose from one of our 40 model homes or customize your own home.
  3. Choose a location in any of our Arawak Communities OR we can build on your lot
  4. Pay your initial deposit
  5. Register your Bridal Selection with Arawak Homes
  6. Advise your wedding coordinator/guests

Once registered, you will receive customized “Gift Selection” Cards that read (YOUR NAME) Gift Selection at Arawak Homes.

  1. Your guests come into Arawak Homes to select a “Gift” and sign a gift card (gifts for example: doors, windows, cabinets, bathroom tubs, electrical & plumbing fixtures).
  2. They make a payment on your account,
  3. The gift and gift card remain at Arawak Homes.
  4. The guest’s name is entered into your Bridal Register along with the gift selection and payment.
  5. The payment is applied to the cost of your home either as a payment towards your down-payment or closing costs, or, If possible, as a payment towards an upgrade of your home.
  6. After your wedding, you are provided with your list of donors/payments, together with a copy of payments.

ONLINE PLEDGES (No Credit Cards Required)
If you are interested in making a MatriMoney Pledge Online to the couple of your choice, please follow these simple steps;

  1. Search for the couple by entering in either their Family name, Groom's First name, or Bride's First name, and then selecting the Filter button below.
  2. After you have identified the couple, click the custom link next to "Select Gift"
  3. Make your pledge by selecting as many items as you wish, and then clicking the "Submit" button
  4. Visit the AHL offices to pay for your pledge 
  5. You are done!!
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