Press Room

The Arawak Homes Press Room serves as a single resource where official company documents and other files can be access by members of the press and the general public.  These documents and files serve as an official record provided by Arawak Homes, as well as sources identified by Arawak Homes.  These files and cocuments can be used as reference materials to write press articles and news releases, or asertain relevant facts specific to the business of Arawak Homes Ltd.

Should a member of the press require additional information or supportit materials they should contact Arawak Homes directly at 242-322-3511, or  

Arawak Homes Official Logo

Official Photograph - Mr. Franklyn Wilson - Chairman,  Arawak Homes, Ltd.

Official Photograph - Mr. Franon Wilson - President, Arawak Homes, Ltd.

FactSheet - Arawak Homes Ltd.

Bahamas Supreme Court Rulings and Support Materials

242-322-3513 or 242-394-0013